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Iontophoresis hyperhidrosis machine

Iontophoresis machine for hyperhidrosis is the greatest home solution against excessive sweating of hands or feet. Such iontophoresis procedures are excellent for hyperhidrosis treatment and can stop sweating.

How to stop excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis treatment.

The best iontophoresis machine against hands and feet hyperhidrosis. You will receive ready for use home device with everything for starting to make procedures. Say no to sweaty hands and feet. It is very easy and safe to make procedures. Buy cheap, the best hyperhidrosis machine and be happy with dry hands, palms, feet. Iontophoresis machine 'No-sweating' for hyperhidrosis will give 100% results. It really helps to treatment excessive sweating.

Best hyperhidrosis iontophoresis machine

100% results guarantee or we will make a full refund to you.

Machine is wireless, mobile and eco friendly

Hyperhidrosis machine is safe.

In most cases you will see results after 5-10 procedures

Stop sweating of hands or feet.

Iontophoresis machine

No sweating device:

Iontophoresis machine - 1 pcs

Plastic trays - 2 pcs

Cable to power the tray - 2 pcs

Grid covering the electrodes - 2 pcs

Batteries - 2 pcs

User manual - 1 pcs

Comes in one of the random colours - orange, green or white.

Price: 195 USD
I bought this iontophoresis device because I had excessive hand sweating, Hyperhidrosis. This machine helps me against excessive sweating. The price is low and it is cheap. THANK YOU GUYS!
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Hyperhidrosis iontophoresis machine.

The best home solution against excessive hands or feet sweating is iontophoresis machine. You can see results after 5-10 procedures. They are safe and comfort. Iontophoresis procedures are excellent for hyperhidrosis treatment.

Device is ready for home use. Lot includes everything for starting to make successful treatment and stop sweating:

  • Machine;
  • Trays;
  • Cables;
  • Batteries.

Trays are made from eco plastic with strong grid at the bottom. Cables have connectors from both sides. They have different colors: red and black. Machine has IP.67 protection.


Iontophoresis hyperhidrosis machine has high price. Our cheap device against sweating helps say no to sweaty hands and feet.

You need to pay only 195 USD. Cost includes free worldwide shipping. Sometime our online shop can make a sale and reduce the price. Buy No-Sweating device one time and stop sweating for whole your life.

Iontophoresis machine for hyperhidrosis.

Iontophoresis is a hardware procedure that is actively used in cosmetology to solve various aesthetic problems. The essence of the method consists in conducting low currents, which affect the upper and middle layers of the skin. A current pulse is supplied through the electrodes, which are at the bottom under the grid.

During sessions you can feel a slight tingling sensation. It is normal feelings. They mean that you started to treatment from hyperhidrosis.

Popular and effective method of maintaining the beauty and youth of the skin. It is used not only against excessive sweating, but also for the whole body. With the correct iontophoresis, you can receive impressive results that will help to live without sweaty body. It is forbidden to do procedures if:

  1. You are pregnant.
  2. Have a pacemaker or any other medical metal device inside your body.
  3. Cancer patient.

Hyperhidrosis treatment

High sweating of the whole body or some of its parts is natural reaction of the body to heat or stress. But if suddenly it starts in a cool room or your hands are always wet it is not normal. This disease can worsen with a negative emotional state – stress, excitement, or simply with increased physical exertion.

The disease has several stages:

  • Sweating is almost imperceptible and does not affect, your life is normal.
  • Always wet hands or feet. Can cause some discomfort – shake hands, wet shoes etc.
  • Excessive sweating is a serious inconvenience.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in. Iontophoresis procedures can treatment hyperhidrosis and stop sweating.

How to use hyperhidrosis machine

  1. Pour water into plastic trays.
  2. Connect cables (red to red, black to black).
  3. Lower the left and right hand/foot into the tray. Hold your hands/feet 10-15 minutes.
  4. Pull out the right hand/foot and then the left one.
  5. Replace the cables on the trays to change the polarity.
  6. Make step 3 again.
  7. Disconnect machine

Start procedures from 10 minutes and see results after 10 sessions. If it doesn’t reduce sweating then increase time to 15 minutes. In most cases you will need to do 7-10 times every day. If it doesn’t reduce sweating then do more procedures or contact us for additional instruction. Lot includes detail manual.


“No-sweating” machine against excessive sweating is the best and cheap home-use solution. It will give excellent results in short terms without visiting doctors and additional payments from your side. All materials are eco friendly.

The best iontophoresis machine against hands, feet sweating is free for shipping. All parcels have track numbers. Shipping is free.

Don’t lose your time. Stop fighting with sweating. Buy the best iontophoresis machine for hyperhidrosis and be happy with dry hands and feet.


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